Obama Is Headed To Europe

Obama’s headed to Europe. I mean, it’s June, who isn’t!? Paris is beautiful this time of year! Anyways, the President is planning on hitting Poland, Brussels, and France. Interestingly, betch arch-nemesis Vladimir Putin is expected to be hitting some of the same spots, but he and Barack aren’t expected to talk. It's like that time you and that bitch you went to camp with both studied abroad in Barcelona and you were anxious at the thought of running into her at the Otto Zutz. Obama’s basically been giving Putin the silent treatment since the whole Ukraine thing so yea, awkwardddd. To sum up, this whole euro trip just seems Vlad and Barack trying to get all their European besties on their side. Sorry, Putin, but you can’t sit with us and you’re not allowed at our pregame G7 meeting.


Source: ABC


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