Beauty Trends From NYFW To Not Laugh AT

Another New York Fashion Week has ended, so you know what that means: More reasons to go back on an all liquid/air diet, and definitely more reasons to try new things with your hair and makeup. While some NYFW beauty trends are notably fugly as hell, here are some acceptable ones to incorporate into your own probably super dull look.

Graphic Liner – Oscar de la Renta

Intense graphic liner often makes an appearance on the runway, but it usually looks more like it was drawn on by a blind person with a sharpie than a makeup artist. However, the Oscar de la Renta cat eye/cut crease situation was worthy of praise. 

Fishtail Braid – Rachel Zoe

This half-up fishtail braid is the perfect mix of Blake Lively and the least annoying girl at Coachella. 

Glitter Eyeshadow – Tommy Hilfiger

Usually glitter makes me want to die, so I can’t believe I’m saying this, but this wash of gold eyeshadow, paired with a matte lip and pretty skin, feels fresh and new.

Grunge Lips – Rodarte

The ultimate IDFWU shade is totally wearable at any event or social situation that you’d like to not attend. So, pretty much everywhere.


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