New York City Is Making Period History

Ladies in New York can rejoice that their city council is actually doing work to help women.

In case you missed this story in the wake of the disaster that is the Presidential election, fallout from the Orlando shooting or Great Britain giving the EU the middle finger, we’ll break it down for you.

Tuesday, New York City council woman Julissa Ferreras-Copeland waved a tampon in front of a crowded room as part of her announcement that the council had unanimously voted to approve a measure that would make NYC the first city in the world to give free tampons and pads to women in schools,prisons and shelters.

She said, “They’re as necessary as toilet paper”.

Any betch who has been sitting in class with that “Oh, shit” feeling can definitely agree, and, let’s be honest, that’s every betch.

It’s going to cost the city more than two million dollars a year to supply the goods, but they think it’s worth it.

The city’s mayor is also reportedly behind the measure, stating pads and tampons aren’t luxuries, they’re necessities.

Ferreras-Copeland added that the measure matters because it says “periods are powerful”, and we agree. They’re as powerful as the betches who have them .

As if you needed another reason to love New York. Period. 


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