NYC Finally Bans Hoverboards

Every decade has its own weird as fuck transportation trend: first it was motorcycles, then it was skateboards and roller blades, the 2000s had segways and razor scooters, but whatever the fuck you call this decade has hover boards. Well, they’re not really hoverboards, but a hybrid scateboard/scooter for lazy people. Hoverboards are to cars as Elite Daily is to journalism.

Well, New York City has decided that these are illegal, not because they make you look like a virgin who can’t drive, but because you’re paying $500 to go 5 mph on sidewalks. They official decision is that “Hoverboards are prohibited by New York state law since they are considered motor vehicles that cannot be registered with the department of motor vehicles.” The fine is $500 and your dignity. So basically, the NYPD wants you to watch where you’re going fat ass.



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