NOW! That’s What I Call Music Throwback Thursday

Remember life before iPhones? Or what about life before iPods? Remember the days of putting your portable CD player in the back pocket of your Abercrombie jeans and thinking you were Jenny from the block when you walked down your street? Or in the backseat of the car when you plugged your headphones into your portable CD player and flipped up the hood of your Juicy Couture zip-up pretending you were a combination of Paris Hilton and Slim Shady?

But most importantly remember when you had to wait more than 30 seconds to get the latest top 40 hits? Why? Because you couldn’t get your hands on those pop sensations until the latest NOW! That’s What I Call Music album hit stores.

NOW!’s 5-7 were absolute gems and no betch could live without the latest hits growing up. I mean what the hell were we supposed to jam to in the car with our betches (in the backseat while our nannies drove us around) or choreograph TRL worthy dance routines to in our basements? But then Steve Jobs decided to do some acid and by 2001 the first iPod hit stores and was the first thing every young betch got for her birthday, Christmas or Hannukah. Our whole world became the iTunes Store and then this little thing called the internet began consuming our lives and we discovered the beauty of downloading music illegally for free. Obviously we had the money to pay 99 cents for a song but we would have rather spent it on UGGs and Coach wristlets than donating money to Britney and Christina's new colored hair extensions fund.

Weirdly after we all forgot about NOW! albums they continued to be made…The latest NOW! That’s What I Call Music 51 is coming out in two weeks…spooky. Who the fuck is buying this?


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