A Note of Encouragement to Everyone Who Doesn’t Care About ‘Gilmore Girls’

The big week is here. After months and months of obnoxious Facebook posts, the Netflix Gilmore Girls reboot is finally premiering later this week and we couldn’t care less. That’s right, this is a shoutout to all of you out there who don’t give a shit about Gilmore Girls.

It might feel like you’re alone in the world right now, but this is a safe space, and you should know that plenty of other people don’t care about what’s been happening in Stars Hollow for the past decade. It’s okay that you didn’t wake up at 5am to go to the Luke’s Diner popup, and it’s okay that you didn’t know about Melissa McCarthy until Bridesmaids.

It's going to be okay

We fully support your decision to actively not care about which guys Lorelai and Rory end up with, even though we’ve had to scroll past endless articles about Dean and Luke and half a dozen other guys whose names you don’t remember. If we wanted endless boy drama, we could just read our own texts from literally every single weekend.

Also, pretty much every moment of Gilmore Girls is painfully uncomfortable. Lauren Graham is way too old to be such a mess, and if we want to watch Alexis Bledel be awkward, we’ll just watch The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants movies, because then we also get to see Blake Lively being hot and betchy. Sorry not sorry.

Blake Lively hair flip

So enjoy your Thanksgiving, and have fun picking from the millions of other things to watch on Netflix. (Hint: Pick The Lizzie McGuire Movie.)


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