North West Sent Out Her First Tweet

So fresh off of Kim using North as an excuse for posting a tbt of Kim in a bikini, North took her revenge and sent an actual Tweet. She’s not going to let her mother ghost write her social media account, instead she’ll hire an actual ghost writer when it’s time to write her memoir.

While Kim was busy telling the nanny which Givenchy onesie Saint should wear to bed and Kanye was busy playing his new album as Saint’s lullaby, North realized it was the perfect time to send her first plea for freedom…probably. That Tweet may look like a drunk booty call text sent at 4 am or a random string of letters – the beauty is in the eye of the beholder – but it’s actually North asking Liam Neeson to come save her from the Jenner-Kardashian-West family.

She’s two, so she hasn’t gotten the whole reading and writing thing down yet. I mean, Kendall is 20 and barely literate, so North is doing pretty well. Mason is typically in charge of all escape-related plans, but he was pretty busy celebrating his 6th birthday. She really should just FaceTime Rob if she wants to know how to stop Kim from using her as an Instagram prop. 


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