North West’s Summer Vacation Is So Much Better Than Yours

Does North West have a better life than you? Abso-fucking-lutely she does. The luckiest 3-year-old alive has been spending time at an all expenses paid Mexico vacation and is hell bent on shoving it all in of our faces. Not really. She’s 3 and has no understanding of what’s going on/how great her life is/how certifiably insane her parents are (yet). But don’t worry: Kim, avid Snapchatter she is, will make sure to shove it in your face.

Kim snapped some videos of North appearing to be channeling her psychotic father— aka dancing around in strange outfits—while out to dinner.





Look. Genes.

As North lives as careless as only a ridiculously rich child suckling on the teet of her parents’ monetary success can, Kim’s in the background saying,“Get it, girl!” Unfortunately, Kim is now an embarrassing mom, no longer a cool mom.


Enjoy your youth, North. It’s so fucking fleeting.


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