North West and Penelope Disick Have Already Won Halloween

Literally everyone should just get blackout drunk, hook up with a guy in a Donald Trump costume, and go the fuck home, because North West and Penelope Disick just shut everyone else’s costumes down. But your sexy Caitlyn Jenner costume is ummm good too?

Obvi North was Elsa, because she’s an ice queen who isn’t even 3 years old and already tells the paparazzi “I said no pictures.” She also wears custom Balmain to ballet class, which just seems like something Elsa did before she almost killed her sister. That’s also another great parallel, because you know if Kim was pregnant with a girl, North would already be hazing the fetus.

Penelope was Anna, which is fitting because she’s always going to be in North or Mason’s shadow. She’s already got the daddy issues part down too. Like she’s definitely going to be gorgeous, have great clothes, be the Summer Roberts to North’s Marissa Cooper at whatever bougie private school they inevitably go to, and date Prince George. But also she’s the red-headed spare of the Kardashian family aka Anna.

Seriously, life is imitating art here people. Halloween can’t get better than two preschoolers wearing elaborately accurate Frozen costumes that match their personalities. Side bar: they both are already wearing floor length dresses better than most 25 year olds.  


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