North West And Penelope Disick Had A Better Birthday Party Than You

North West turned 3 last week and Penelope Disick turns 4 in July, so they had a joint birthday party to celebrate their obsession with mermaids. Not to judge Kim and Kourtney’s parenting, but Nori and P are going to need so much therapy once they realize mermaids aren’t real. Like, remember that episode of KUWTK when they hired a professional mermaid to swim with the girls in a pool?

This party definitely cost more than my bat mitzvah and graduation party combined. The girls both dressed as mermaids and had personalized cakes. North forced Khloé to wear a fugly purple wig—maybe she bought it from Kylie’s Hair Kouture? There were Disney princess actresses, and even Kanye decided to show up. It was truly a magical event.

Obvi the whole thing was documented on Instagram and Snapchat to make sure that 20-year-old women everywhere had FOMO over a birthday party for a 3- and a 4-year-old.


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