North West Sold Lemonade For $100 A Glass

Say what you will about the Kardashians, but they turned a sex tape into an empire so they have to be doing something right. Their business acumen is seriously off the charts. I mean, what other brand has so much power that it could break the app store by releasing a bunch of slutty emojis that people were just dying to pay for? (Yeah, I’m totally not embarrassed that I was one of the thousands of people downloading it every second the day it came out.)

Kim certainly knows what she’s doing, even though most of us can’t quite agree on what she actually does for a living. And it seems like she is teaching her children her ways, because the other day North debuted her very first entrepreneurial venture—a lemonade stand.

Now I know it’s not the most creative idea ever; I would’ve guessed the spawn of Kimye would’ve opened up a gold-chains-r-us instead. Regardless, North apparently knew her market well because she was pushing glasses of her most likely organic, gluten free, cage range lemonade for $100/glass.

Okay so like, Kim was the one who dropped a Benjamin for some lemonade, but still.

Bey and Jay, you better get on your shit because I think Nori is winning the elite baby Olympics right now. Blue really should drop an album this fall to catch up.


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