North West Is A Brat, Big Shock

North West is already a certified betch at a mere 2 years old. And like all betches she is having a full-fledged “terrible twos” and has officially reached full brat mode. But since we still can’t even with her chic AF outfits we’ll let it slide, especially since her bratiness has some positive side effects for Kimmy. She’s getting some pretty solid funny mom stories to bore everyone with and she graciously used the last episode of Kocktails with Khloé (which I thought was canceled?) to get a few out of her system.

First, apparently little Northy doesn’t want anyone else sucking on Kim’s boobs but her. Kim told everybody that she would cry and scream whenever she would feed Saint and even pull him off her. But being the inventive betch we all knew she was, North discovered a loophole in the breast feeding system. She put a milk box in Kim’s bra and just drank from that whenever Saint was getting the real stuff. Hey attention is attention, right?

Second, North apparently has a good taste in music because she flushed Kanye’s iPhone down the toilet right when he finished the first draft of his raps for The Life of Pablo, and that was the only place he had them saved. And they couldn’t recover any of it.

Well played, North.


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