North West Hates Wearing Pink

The United Kingdom may have gained a new heiress to the throne, and we’re like, all about Charlotte, but we do need to focus on pertinent issues relating to infants and toddlers here at home. Blue Ivy is basically non-existent besides a few photos from Solange’s wedding, James Lively-Reynolds and Silas Timberlake have yet to be revealed to the world, and Brooklyn Decker’s pregnancy announcement was underwhelming at best. So, why not turn our attention once again to our own royal family who will do anything it takes to stay in our line of vision: Kim and Kanye.

North West aka “Nori” has been more and more present on social media these days. There are dozens of Instagram accounts dedicated to the (debatably) adorable 23-month old and numerous memes circulating the internet that feature her looking pissed off and/or disinterested…obvi abilities inherited from Kanye. She apparently, like Kim, is a victim of Kanye’s regimented fashion rules as well. We all know Kim’s recent style (including her Draco-esque hair) is a direct result of Kanye forcing her to dress within his preferred fashion parameters (dark/solid colors, leather, no smiling, etc). The entire family adheres to these strict wardrobe guidelines causing family outings to look more like a visit to North Korea than a leisurely lunch.

The Wests’ all-black, militant style is evidently rubbing off on North as well. In a recent interview, Khloe admitted that she encouraged Kim to dress North in more pink, but Kim claims that North prefers dressing in black and wants nothing to do with pink. According to Kim, she opted out of a pink tutu and asked for a black one. The fact that she is not even two and has a definite opinion about her clothing seems a little far-fetched. It’s way more likely that she has never been exposed to pink, or many other colors, due to her family’s partialities and the blinding non-primary colors are hurting her eyes (that’s probably why she’s always frowning when she’s out in public). Let’s be real though: Kanye holding a pastel-clad, smiling, bouncing baby girl would really damage the brand he’s created for himself.

Whatever her fashion preferences, there’s no denying North West is better dressed than the majority of us. I’m sure she’ll develop her own individual style as she grows up that most likely will not include Yeezus Tour shirts. She may even start rotating some pink into her wardrobe because, like, what’s she going to wear on Wednesdays?


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