North West Is Better At Contouring Than You

Since Kim Kardashian West popularized drag queens’ makeup secret, contouring, everyone from the girl you babysit to your middle aged aunt has tried to do it too. For the record, it’s not a “highlight” if your concealer is just the wrong shade. Can’t we just go back to the 2000s makeup trends? Overwhelming bronzer was just so so much easier.

Anyway, North was playing around with makeup, because true story, she’s working on her own makeup line. If Kylie had her lip kit at 18, North wants an eye shadow palette by 8. So, she decided to contour her own face. Even at 3 years old, North wants to accentuate her cheek bones—chubby toddler cheeks are so 2012. Real talk, she did a better job than most freshman girls during rush week. And probably me tbh.

This just proves that the family that contours together, stays together. 



When #North steals your contour palette omg

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