North West: Betch Of The Week

The first photo of her to ever grace Instagram got 1.5 million likes and she’s literally posing with a blankie. In the first year of her life she already has a better designer shoe collection than Carrie Bradshaw and a passport more inked than Wiz Khalifa's body. Everyone in America knows who she is without her even having to say a word (mostly cause I don't think she can talk yet). She has top fashion designers paying her to wear their clothes and her contact list looks like Ryan Seacrest, Beyonce, and Diddy had a baby. She gets away with her name being a cardinal direction.

If you still don’t think a one year old is worthy of getting betch of the week here are 5 reasons to convince you why our Betch of the Week is none other than the spawn of Kimye, North West. 

1. She has already held more money in the palm of her hand than most celebrities will ever see grace their bank accounts.

2. She has a spread in Vogue, and has a resting betch face showing that she literally is already too cool for Anna Wintour.

3. She was gifted presents from Givenchy, Lanvin, Roberto Cavalli, and Hermes before she could even sit up on her own.

4. Her first birthday party was themed “Kidchella” equipped with a ferris wheel, tie dye wristbands, and fringe cropped top dressed tots.

5. She allowed her famous parents to get one fabulous photo with her on their multi-million dollar wedding day in Paris and then went off for a nap cause she ran out of fucks to give on that unimpressive guest list. 

Her only worry in the world is that she may get Kim’s real nose, but at least she has enough money to get it fixed.


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