Why TF Are North And Penelope Wearing Extensions Already?

Uhhhhhhh I almost have no words for this, but then again, time after time, the Kardashian Klan & Kompany have given me the strength to string my opinions about their life choices into meaningful sentences. So maybe I fucking do have the words and I just don’t want to admit that fact.

This week, North West and Penelope Disick proved that you’re never too young for hair extensions. Mostly because they had no say in the matter. The two toddlers—North being two, and Penelope being three—donned extensions just for fucking kicks. Again, having no say in the matter, what I really mean is: Khloe and Kimmy bullied their young family members/children into wearing faux hair and then took photos of it all on Instagram and snapchat. Here’s the result.

(^^^not the face of a willing participant)

As if these two aren’t fighting the long hard battle to not grow into deplorable Armenian monsters enough. FUCK there is no decency in this world. 


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