Nike’s new YouTube Series Will Make you Want to Work Out

Binging on hours of Netflix or hopping from one YouTube video to the next is usually what keeps us from going to the gym. Like, pressing “next episode” 18 times in a row has to be some kind of workout, right?

Wrong. Nike is coming out with a web series today that will make you laugh out loud and also give you some fitspo to get out of bed.

The show is about two girls- Lily, a super-fit YouTuber with her own fitness channel, and Margot- her sweat-hating, lazier, and much more chill sister. The two compete against each other in a fitness challenge and both sisters break out of their comfort zones into some hysterical, but very awkward situations.

The comedic series will air a new episode online every Monday, and the trailer looks pretty funny. Plus, this might be the first show that’ll actually make us want to move, aside from that time we watched Jillian Michaels make three contestants cry on The Biggest Loser.



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