Nicole Richie’s First Reality Since The Simple Life Is Candidly Nicole

“We’re too good for everybody, but we’re gonna go home with somebody.”

Since 2007, something has been missing from my TV lineup and that something is Nicole Richie. Tonight she's returning to the airwaves in her new reality show #CandidlyNicole on VH1 and we’re pretty excited. The weirdest part of it is that her husband and her kids are not going to be on it so like WTF are we going to be watching?

After putting 'The Simple Life' on her back for five seasons, Nicole Richie went M.I.A., lost weight, got married, had two kids, and dyed her hair blue. She’s been entertaining us via Twitter and Instagram ever since, but we can’t wait to get her in full episodic bursts. As she would say back in '05: “Loves it.”  




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