Nicki Minaj’s Songs Leaked And You Need To Add Them On Spotify

Two of Nicki Minaj's songs leaked – one was a collab with Beyonce the other with Ariana Grande. The Beyonce duet makes sense (see Flawless Remix), but Ariana – really Nicki really? We get that she feeds into the whole wet dream theme in your music videos, but she's like the worst. The world already has a moderately talented diva, and her name is Mariah Carey.

“Feeling Myself” (Nicki and Beyonce) is fucking phenomenal. The lyrics are prime Nicki being a bad bitch, and Beyonce's voice just pulls the whole thing together. The beat is a little too intense for this to be a pre-game song, this is the type of song that when you dance to it you're going to want to be half-way to black out and in a dark room. It's kind of like a sluttier version of Partition.

“Get on Your Knees” (Nicki and Ariana) is shockingly not the worst thing I've ever heard. The producer made the best decision in all of music history: drop the entire song like three octaves. It doesn't even sound like the two of them. Ariana's typical whiny high-pitched singing that only a dog can hear is actually at a human decibel. The only appropriate venue for this song is either alone in your car or on your hook-up playlist.


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