Nicki Minaj Is Obviously Not a Nazi

Last week, Nicki Minaj released the lyric video (why are these a thing?) for her new song “Only,” and immediately pretty much everyone accused her of being a Nazi.  Basically the video is a cartoon version of her and she kind of seems like Hitler. Maybe the video was in poor taste, but do people really think Nicki is a Nazi?  I’m no historian, but I have a feeling a black girl with a huge ass wouldn’t have done so well in Nazi Germany.  Besides that, look at who’s on the song with her: Lil Wayne, who has probably smoked too much weed to form political opinions, Drake, who is basically a teddy bear, and Chris Brown, who has violent tendencies and bleached his hair that one time. Okay, don’t focus on Chris Brown.  The main point is that Nicki putting out a stupid cartoon video says absolutely nothing about her real political beliefs, so chill the fuck out.




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