Nicki Minaj Gave a Legendary Interview On Watch What Happens Live

Nicki Minaj went on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen to fulfill her dream of being a real housewife. Sidebar: Andy Cohen is the lovechild of Anderson Cooper and Perez Hilton. As per usual Andy asked the hard questions:

“If you were single and Drake was single, would you want to sleep with him?”
Nicki assumed her resting betch face and said “No” – aka how to friendzone in .5 seconds.

“What can you tell me about what you know about what went on in that elevator?”
Andy could barely form a complete sentence about Jay-Z and Solage's elevator fight, but Nicki refused to talk shit about Beyonce and said “Not a damn thing.” That's what a true female friendship looks like.

“Who is the biggest dick in the music industry”
Nicki looked like she could have had a straight up bitch fit, but she didn't answer the fucking question. She said it'd be “too real,”,like I agree that WWHL is probably not the best venue to stop a music industry war, but still I really want to know. I'm guessing Eminem.



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