They’re Making An ABC Family Show About Nicki Minaj’s Childhood

Nicki Minaj is going to Executive Produce a show about her childhood on ABC Family – so think the opposite of Make It Or Break It. The show will be about her and her family growing up after they immigrated to the US from Trinidad. Trini Dem Girls will be the soundtrack. Actually, this whole thing should just be a fucking musical set to Nicki’s songs. 

It’ll give us some insight into her “vibrant family and the personal and musical evolution that led to her eventual rise to stardom.” So will half of each episode focus on how she got her ass or what? Tbh, I’m hype for this because it’s definitely going to be better than most of the shit on ABC Family (sorry Chasing Life). I’m petitioning that each episode start with “I never fucked Wayne, I never fucked Drake. On my life, man, fucks sake…” kind of like a sluttier version of How I Met Your Mother. 


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