Nicki Minaj And Teen Mom Porn Star Farrah Abraham Fought on Twitter

Nicki Minaj is never one to shy away from a fight in real life or on social media, and this weekend things got heated between her and former Teen Mom star-turned-porn star Farrah Abraham. In case you don’t remember, Farrah is basically a worthless nobody who turned her teenage pregnancy into a career through plastic surgery and a porno. Good, now we’re caught up.

Over the weekend, Nicki must have been watching some ‘Teen Mom’ reruns, because she tweeted something about how Farrah was a c-word to her mom. Harsh, but okay. She also referenced Farrah’s porn career. Obviously Farrah didn’t have anything better to do than respond, so she called out Nicki for making music videos that look like porn. Okay, so this seems like a poor choice of comebacks to us. Like, “You say I did porn? Well, your non-porn kind of looks like porn, take that!” Farrah clearly isn’t the brightest bulb, god love her. From there the conversation deteriorated, with both just throwing out more insults and Nicki using the c-word two more times. We give the victory to Nicki, because it’s a little tough for a porn star to insult the career of someone who wins awards.


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