Iggy Azalea’s Love Life Is Not So Fancy

Iggy Azalea’s relationship with NBA player Nick Young is an even bigger disaster than her collab with Britney Spears. ICYMI, Young admitted to his LA Lakers teammates that he cheated on Iggy with a 19-year-old, so apparently he’s been taking relationship advice from Scott Disick.

D’Angelo Russell aka the snitch of the century secretly taped Nick bragging about how great a boyfriend he is and leaked it to the press. Obvi everybody on the team hates Russell now, because bros before hoes, it’s just like the rule of masculinity. I mean, Pauly, Vinny, and Mike didn’t tell Sammi that Ron was hooking up with Jersey trash, and they were living in the same house as her.

Following the video’s release, the Lakers were absolutely destroyed by the Utah Jazz—yes, that’s an actual sports team apparently. It’s been a pretty shitty week for the team.

Iggy thanked Russell on Twitter for what will surely be an Oscar-nominated short film.

I’m going to make a wild guess that their relationship and Russell’s NBA career won’t survive after this. 


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