Nick Viall Is Already Acting Shady

All you out there blowing up the comments section about how great Nick Viall actually is can eat your words.

We now have proof of his inherent shadiness, and by proof I mean some hearsay published in a gossip mag. Close enough!

Lauren H. (For those that aren’t keeping up, she’s a co-star of Bachelor in Paradise and retainer-wearing, mid-western beauty. 10/10 would hang out) talked to a Detroit radio station and the convo was summarized for us in Us Magazine. Lauren says that her friend Jen Saviano and Nick were still dating at the end of BiP.

He basically led her on until he decided one beautiful, intelligent woman wasn’t enough and wanted to try his slimy hand at close to 30 unsuspecting victims. Jen and Nick were dating until he found out he could be the next Bachelor (like a week ago) and peaced out. Rude.

Jen tweeted a pretty great response after Nick was announced as the Bachelor.

And then gave an even more poignant response after Monday night’s BiP episode.

So like, sure, I get how people are saying they’re going to love watching lispy pube-monster, Nick, as the next Bachelor because he “brings drama”. But, like, do we really want another Juan Pablo situation where you kind of hate all the female contestants because they seem like such fucking idiots for wanting to date such an asshole?

Also, I watch The Bachelor to escape the reality of shitty Tinder dates. I don’t particularly want to watch the equivalent of that for an entire season. I mean, I’m going to watch, but I’ll complain the whole time.


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