Nick Lachey Talks Shit About Jessica Simpson In New Interview

Nick Lachey talked a lot of shit about Jessica Simpson. There is nothing passive aggressive about his latest interview – it is just straight up aggressive. I almost wish it was 2007 so I could say “burn.”

A quick tbt to the early 2000s when Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey were the first celebrity marriage based on revenue from a reality tv show. Their show “Newlyweds” revealed that Jessica Simpson didn't know the difference between chicken and tuna and that Nick fucking hated Jessica by their first anniversary.

Both of them are in committed relationships and have children with other people now, so you'd think they moved on. Apparently not. Among Nick's best quotes “the best thing that could have ever happened is that we didn't have kids.” He was referring to the fact that he has no legal obligation to ever see Jess again.

Another great one liner, “It's not animosity, it's not friendship, it's just kind of nothing.” Describing your relationship with your ex-wife as “meh” is hella shady. Like Nick DGAF, which is an impressive accomplishment considering he was married to Jessica for over three years. It would have saved everyone a lot of time if instead of giving this whole interview, Nick could have just held up a sign that said “Bye Felicia.”

Side note: Just discovered this gem below, which is awesome. 




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