Nick Jonas Can’t Remember Whether Or Not He Spray Tans, Honestly Same

This month, Glamour thought it was a chill idea to put two random/hot celebs together and make them pretend to be at a spa. The result is actress/model Emily Ratajowski and former boy band member/purity ring wearer Nick Jonas touching each other, which like, I’m honestly not here to complain about at all. I am here, however, to discuss Nick not knowing whether or not he gets spray tans.

When asked about how he prepared for the nudity in his music video for “Close”, Nick said, “I don’t know if I got a spray tan or not, but, uh…maybe I did. I can’t remember. [laughs]” How does he not remember? Was he blacked out? (If so, I personally can’t judge/can’t say I’ve never been in a situation where I’ve endured a beauty treatment while heavily intoxicated. Shout out to my eyebrow lady, Debra. Still sorry about throwing up in your wax warmer lol oops my b.)

Regardless, the reporter didn’t question him about his political stance or thoughts on abortion. It shouldn’t be that hard to say “yes” or “no.” This isn’t Making a Murderer.

While both the possibilities of him either a. not remembering or b. remembering but pretending to not remember are kind of bizarre, it’s certainly not the most heinous thing he’s ever admitted in an interview. Case in point, this gem about his preparation for some circle jerk frat boy movie called Goat: “I was doing a lot of drugs and having a lot of sex, so it wasn’t foreign to me.”

Maybe Nick should consider something else obviously foreign to him: The possibility that he fucking sucks at interviews. 


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