Nick Jonas’ New Magazine Cover Is Scary Hot

These days, Nick and Joe Jonas are basically in a constant battle to prove who’s the hottest Jonas brother (sorry Kevin). Last month, Joe threw down the gauntlet in DNCE’s video for “Body Moves,” where he shows off his absolutely ripped torso in an elevator and made out with some girl who is now on our shitlist.

Nick must have seen the video, because he’s not taking this one lying down. His December cover for Men’s Fitness magazine, which we can’t imagine anyone actually reads, was released this week, and it’s a pretty great present for the holidays.

Nick’s doing that thing he likes where he’s fully clothed but pulling his shirt up and his pants down at the same time, so really why isn’t he just naked?

We’ll settle for this though, because his chiseled abs are on full display. Nick’s arms look huge, which is where he really puts his older brother to shame. Joe is ripped, but Nick is huge. We’ll take both, please and thank you. We have no idea what’s inside the magazine because it’s clearly irrelevant, but the cover has definitely put us in the holiday spirit.

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