Nick Jonas Wants You To Know He’s Had Lots of Sex

If you haven’t noticed, Nick Jonas is like, desperate to be an actor. While everyone just wants to hear his music, he’s been busy trying to make an acting career happening, which is the reason he was at Sundance this weekend promoting his new movie Goat. At least he has some career – his brothers were busy making jokes about winter storm Jonas on Twitter.

Anyway, in the movie Nick’s younger brother is pledging the same frat he’s in, but he starts to have doubts when he realizes his brother is going to get hazed. “The roles demanded surprising nuance from Jonas, who has sex, does cocaine, and binge-drinks onscreen.” Okay like bravo to those of you who make good life decisions, but we’re 100% sure that it doesn’t take “nuance” to snort a line of coke.

In an interview about the project, Nick said that in the movie he’s “doing a lot of drugs and having a lot of sex, so it wasn’t foreign to me.” SOB. We know Nick took off his purity ring like centuries ago but he probably doesn’t need to be bragging to interviewers about how much sex he’s had. He’s just trying a little too hard, like, we know you fucking dated Miss Universe. We’ll probably see the movie when it comes out because we’re totally here for Nick Jonas sex scenes, but Nick could learn to have like a tiny bit more chill.


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