Perpetual Try-Hard Nick Jonas Has A New Documentary On Tidal

When we think back on the year 2016, one phrase will reign supreme: “Literally fuck Tidal.” Nick Jonas has joined the clique of musicians who want us to sell our souls to buy Tidal accounts. He’s starring in a documentary series about his life as a post-child star.

The “plot” of the series is all about Nick’s new album and being a millennial. A lot of the first episode is spent talking about how single he is—same. But it turns out that Nick’s love of Coors Light isn’t enough to carry a TV show. The Olivia Culpo breakup inspired his new album, he’s super bitter about the Jonas Brothers, and his best pickup line is “I’m a big fan of your Instagram.” He’s just like every boy that’s just gotten out of a long-term relationship, has family issues, and doesn’t know what the fuck he’s doing with his life.

Like most things on Tidal, you should save your money and wait for the good parts to be released on YouTube. Or, you know, just not watch it at all.


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