Nick Carter Is Like, Still A Sweetheart

Nick Carter’s like, really nice. He was definitely the fan favorite when BSB was popular (second only to Brian Littrell).

Maybe it’s perfect angel face or his gorgeous head of blonde hair, or maybe it was just because he was the closest in age to us 90’s babies. Nick’s had his problems with drugs and alcohol, but we love him regardless.

What I want to call his “gracious comeback into the world of relevancy” happened last season on Dancing With the Stars and we got to fall in love with Nick all over again.

Like any good celebrity who’s dancing on the line of washed-up celebs, Nick’s super active on Twitter:


Good for you, @blacknbluerocks. I’m jelly.

Nick’s currently on tour in Japan rn for his latest album, All American. Nick rolled up looking perfect with his very-pregnant wife, who looked…pregnant. A sad attempt at the Kim K look here.

Yes, his new music is reminiscent of like, early 2000’s pop. Do we GAF? NO. Nick, we love you – now pay attention to us. 


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