Nick Carter Finally Has Produced A Record…But It’s A Criminal One

Nick Carter, aka the man you loved in second grade and the man who gave you second hand embarrassment at twenty, got arrested in Florida for pulling a Scott Disick. He and a friend were denied service at a bar because they were too drunk. Apparently, bartenders will cut people off if they’re belligerent, kind of like how Netflix asks if you’re still watching after four episodes of Making a Murderer.

So Nick and his friend tried to beat up the bartender and were arrested for assault. On his arrest record, the police wrote that Nick’s occupation was “none,” aka they DGAF that he sang backup on I Want It That Way. The sad part is that this is only the second most humiliating moment of Nick’s career after he was the runner-up on ‘Dancing With the Stars’. Maybe Aaron can help him turn his life around. Lolz. 


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