Nick Carter Put Out A CD And It’s Kind Of Good

Nick Carter released his new album, All American, on November 25th and it’s surprisingly good. It might seem impossible for Nick to have lived up to the success of The Backstreet Boys, but the shit on All American (still not sure about the name) can definitely contend.

The album is full of girly-pop songs, opening with “19 in 99,” which is, duh, about Nick being 19 in 1999. What a year. I mean, Nick spent his time “pushing down the pedal with my blunt up Reebok’s.” I spent the year doing things like Bring Your Pet To School Day and coloring or some shit, wishing I could partake in such activities with an angsty 19 year old. Anyway.

All American also boasts some traditional 90’s pop ballads, like “Get Over Me” and “Man On The Moon”. Dude is 35 and still making panties drop. And as much as it sucks that “Get Over Me” is a duet with Avril Lavigne, IT’S GOOD. Listen to it.

My fave song on the album is “Tijuana,” mostly because it features the line “last thing I remember we were throwing back tequila.” Story. Of. My. Life.

In this season of hope and joy, let us be thankful that we can still enjoy all that Nick Carter is. Add All American to your pre-game playlist and start your holiday partying.


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