Nick Carter and His Middle Part Are Having a Baby

Nick Carter,  aka the cocaine addicted older brother of your bf Aaron Carter, is procreating, can we get a Backstreets Back alright!?! ​His wife Lauren is pregnant, and if you were one of the 7 people that watched their reality show “I Heart Nick Carter,” you know all about their wedding. Don’t worry if you’re confused between Nick Carter and Nick Lachey – like they were both in boybands, both married women too good for them, and both filmed their wedding plans for a C-list TV network.

Currently, Nick is “revamping” his career by  competing on Dancing With the Stars and performing at Olivier Rousteing’s birthday party like hired help. Apparently he’s also writing and directing a movie about zombie cowboys with Howie Dorough, AJ McClean, and Joey FatOne, which will either be the cult film of the decade or a disaster like all of Nick’s solo albums.

All of that being said, I fucking loved the Carter brothers – don’t pretend like you and your bestie didn’t fight over which one of you would marry Nick versus Aaron. I hope all of these former boyband stars have sons and their sons make their own boyband. It’ll be like early 2000s inception. Mazel Nick. 


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