Nick Cannon Is Real Pissed That No One Told Him His House Had Been Sold

Nick Cannon is suing Michael Kane, Mariah Carey's business manager, for not telling him that he sold their home. ICYMI, Nick Cannon filed for divorce from Mariah Carey last year because Mariah “I don't see you, you don't exist to me” Carey is the world's betchiest diva (sorry Ariana Grande). Anyways, Nick doesn't have a problem that Kane actually sold their home – even though they bought it for $13 million and sold it for $9 million, who the fuck was their real estate agent? – he's just upset because nobody told him about it. This is like the whiniest lawsuit ever. It's basically the equivalent of the “why didn't you tell me we were pre-gaming in Michelle's room tonight?” text.


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