New Year’s Eve Makeup Ideas That Don’t Fucking Suck

New Year’s Eve is nothing if not a time to look your absolute best, capture it all on camera, and pretend to give a damn about dates. Like, what, you think that because tomorrow is “January 1st”, you’re going to wake up from a pool of your own vomit, and decide that you’d like to “cool it” on the drinking this year? Set yourself up for success, not disappointment.

What New Year’s should primarily represent is the fact that you keep getting hotter and hotter, despite the fact that you are rapidly aging. Try out one of these makeup looks to prove that theory as you ring in 2016.

Two-Toned Metallic Eye

Why pick between gold and copper when you can have both?


Simple Eye & Matte Red Lip 

Matte, red lips give off an instant and almost audible “NO” before the bro standing next to you even tries to ask about a midnight kiss. 

Bold Eyeliner

Take what you would usually do, and multiply it by 7.


Smudgy Liner & A Cranberry Lip

Smudge out some liner — without committing to a full blown smokey eye — and pop on a cranberry lip color.


Green Smokey Eye & Nude Lip

Usually green eyeshadow sounds like a tragedy, not a fashion statement. But for NYE, it could work. Pair it with a nude lip and call it a goddamn night.



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