There Might Be More Twilight Movies And Nobody Cares

I think everyone can agree that movies, for the most part, are great, but nothing gets people fired up like a movie based off a book. We all ugly cried during Me Before You, cheered our asses off when Neville finally killed that fucking snake in Harry Potter, and you can bet your trust fund I’m going to see The Girl on the Train as soon as it comes out next week. Of course, there are always those handful of book snobs that will say “it was just okay compared the book” and other annoying shit, but ignore them because they’re miserable people and these movies are fire. The only exception I can think of rn is Twilight since all of those are fucking terrible. And now there’s word that another Twilight film isn’t completely off the table. But why?

why is this happening

Some powerful dude at Lionsgate came out saying that “it’s a possibility” that they’ll film more Twilight movies and it just depends on whether or not author Stephenie Meyer wants to keep telling the characters’ stories. But like, didn’t their stories end? There was a big battle with Dakota Fanning and Bella had a terrifying vampire baby and then Jacob became a pedophile who fell in love with said baby. What else is there to know? I just hope Steph (can I call you Steph?) has better judgement than Mr. Lionsgate because idk one fucking person who wants to sit through another two hours of Kristen Stewart just being her weird, emotionless self in vampire form.

Kristen Stewart


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