The New Starbucks Drag Queen Commercial Is Great

The new Starbucks commercial is everything. It features two drag queens – Adore Delano who does a better impersonation of Ke$ha than Ke$ha and Bianca DelRio who is every betch's hero (“not today, satan, not today”). The plot line is that Adore thinks she's hot shit because she has an interview and cuts all the people who don't know what the fuck they're ordering (aka the worst) in line until she gets to Ms. Thing. Bianca shuts that bitch down and makes sure to order her skinny latte (long live the SKVL). The commercial ends with the gaysian barista making them both lattes (pretty fucking fast, where the fuck was he at 9 am this morning?) and saving their frenemy status. God bless drag queens and god bless Starbucks.


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