Meet The New Real Housewives of Orange County

Real Housewives of Orange County is starting it’s 10th season soon, which is literally astonishing.  People didn’t like the last season so much (sorry Vicki, but we already know everything about you), so Bravo is reportedly bringing in two new ladies for the new season.  Both of them are married to baseball players, which probably means Andy Cohen is planning ahead for a Baseball Wives spinoff.  Here’s some necessary background about the new bitches.

Meghan King Edmonds – Married to Jim Edmonds.  She went to Heather’s hoedown party last season, and was apparently flirting with Shannon’s husband there, so I’m sure we’ll be hearing all about that. I’m betting money that her tagline will be a baseball pun.

Katie Chadwick Hamilton – Married to Josh Hamilton.  She’s apparently getting along well with most of the housewives, but her family might have a “rocky” past, which is very mysterious and will obviously cause a lot of drama.  I wouldn’t be shocked if she has a good baseball pun too, or something cryptic about the past.


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