New App Tells You How Fat You Really Are In 10 Minutes

Us betches love #118 working out. And we especially love apps that help us track how skinny we are.

There is a dank new app/bike/fitbit, that hasn’t even hit the stores yet and it literally will tell you how out or in shape you are in 10 minutes max. Revvo is a prototype fitness tool that includes a stationery exercise bike, matching app and heart rate monitor bracelet that is designed to measure your overall “fitness.” So instead of just tracking how fast you are pedaling or how many miles you go, it will tell you how your body handled the exercise and how you stack up against everyone else your age and body type.

I know this is sounds like we are getting into psychotic marathon betch territory, but stick with me. Based on your info, the app tells the bike how difficult to make the intervals. You go through intervals of 30 seconds of biking and 30 seconds of rest until you reach your max heart rate. The bike, the app, and the heart rate monitor work together to measure your performance while you pedal and how your heart rate reacts during the rest periods. At the end of the test, i.e. when you feel like you are going to throw up all over your wunder unders, you will get a seriously legit chart of how you compare to everyone else.

Oh and did I mention that this whole process only takes 10 minutes??? Because you’re doing such a short, intense interval test, your body reaches its max very fast.

The key take away here is that once this new app/bike/fitbit hits a gym near you, it will definitely separate the 1% from the 99.


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