Survey Finds You’re Being Judged On Dating Apps Based On What You Watch on Netflix

Love’s all about compatibility right?

Kind of.

Netflix recently did a study that discovered some interesting facts about their users that correlated with their dating habits:

  • 58% of their users that were in the dating phase of a relationship added television shows to their dating profile – because you want your love interest to know you’re capable of binge watching.
  • For those users in the “getting serious” stage, 25% of users found their partner MORE attractive because of what they watched on television – because you seriously can’t date someone who HASN’T seen Breaking Bad. 
  • In the committed stage, 51% say sharing their password is a sign that they’ll be together forever – which is BS because we’ve gone our whole lives being told to NEVER share passwords.
  • 17% want a ring before they share password info – makes sense.


So to anyone who has  a profile on Match, Tinder, J Date – even the people on Christian Mingle – get your favorite Netflix picks on your profile! The man/woman/man who was formerly a woman/woman who was formerly a man (it’s 2016 people) wants to know what you enjoy watching.


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