Whoring Out Your Netflix Password Is Now A Crime

If you’re using your ex’s Netflix account, you now have another thing to worry about other than him knowing you were watching 13 Going on 30 on a Friday night. I mean, there’s just no way you’re watching that with a date, especially when it’s the 30th time. But now, according to some federal law about hacking, Netflix password sharing might be, like, a crime.

We’ll leave it to the Elle Woods betches to explain how the law works, but basically someone was caught using a password to download some shit off his old employer’s server and the judge ruled it as a violation of The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. AKA because of the way the case played out, it could mean that sharing your Netflix password with other people is… illegal too?

Ugh, can someone explain this to us? Because HBO is expensive considering we only watch Game of Thrones on it. That’s like buying a 3 course meal just because you want fries. You just eat fries off your guy friend’s plate, duh. Or your exes, or whoever you’re borrowing your Netflix login from.

Anyways, we hope this isn’t actually being enforced because if sharing your password could land you in jail, what would hacking into your boyfriend’s FB messages to see if he’s messaging Brittany get you? Just hypothetically speaking, obvs. We would never do that.


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