Today Is National Girlfriend Day, Because You’re Not Single Enough As It Is

As if we weren’t celebrating enough useless holidays before like Valentine’s Day, apparently they’ve invented some bullshit “National Girlfriends Day.” Hey, why don’t we have like, a “National I’m Sad and Single and Pathetic Day” because I can’t deal with these stupid fucking relationship holidays anymore.

Happy Valentine's Day Tina Fey

Oh, wait? It’s not just for romantic relationships? It’s for celebrating platonic relationships too? Okay, so how is that different from like, a National Friendship Day? When is National Friendship Day? Oh, it’s on August 7, less than a week away from National Girlfriends Day? Sure, that makes sense. Right, okay, so we must have a National Boyfriend Day, too, where guys celebrate their best bros, no? Oh shit, we don’t? Is it because it’s hard for guys to admit they have a bromance because it’ll shatter their masculinity? Okay got it.

Guy Love Scrubs

So guys, today is National Girlfriends Day, so I guess call your best girlfriend or your actual girlfriend and tell them you love them. Or completely ignore this “holiday” because it’s totally unnecessary. 

Cameron Diaz stupid


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