Betches Love This Music: Saturday Night Bieber

We're taking TGIF to a new level with the first week-ending Betches Love This Music post. This Friday's songs are great to blackout to, much like a bowl of sangria that's casually half vodka half Xanax and like a mango. Is it kosher to get wasted on the Sabbath?


justin bieber ludacris

You Got Me Started Again Red Line: There's the moment in the night when you're at some rando party and they're putting on Levels for the third time and the fat blonde bitch dancing beside you starts spewing her carb-heavy lunch onto her Asian bf. Then you put on this song and everyone can fuck off.


All Around the World feat. Ludacris – Justin Bieber: Ever since Baby we've been waiting for the comeback Biebs/Luda collabo and here it is! Ludacris solo career must be at an all-time low one again given that he's trying to tap into the screaming-Canadian-tween fanbase. Whatever, this song makes us want to fuck. But like not JB because ummm.okay fine maybe.
Cameo Lover – Kimbra (Owsey Remix): So Kimbra finally managed to crawl out from underneath Goatee-yay's most overplayed breakup song ever. And now she's bitching about even more boy problems. Like fucking get over it. But we shadily love her crooning.

Nemesis Area 6 (Feat. Ursula Raasted and Don Vitto): Ever since Madeon we just can't stop fantasizing about borderline teenagers. Just kidding. But Area 6 is the newest 19 year old DJ with a fresh take on dub/house sound with crazy drops that will make you want to spray champagne from your desk at your fashion-publication-do-nothing-all-day summer internship.

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