Betches Love This Song: Betches Go HAM

Dearest loyal minions,

It's hot as fuck out. What do you get when a really sweaty DJ is hyped up on adderall? Dubstep. What do you get when a really hot betch is hyped up on adderall? A fucking party. With this we bring you a collection of songs that just make you want to DANCE. It's almost summer betches, get your crop tops and SPF 4 out, we're going ham.


katy perry betches coachella


Adventure Club – Wait: Despite the fact that this song has a total of 9 words (we counted), it's really effing good. Great beats, great dub, and great vocals….on all 9 words.
Craig David feat Calvin Harris – Good Time: Remember that bro with a chin strap that was all like I met this girl on Monday I took her for a drink on Tuesday we were making love by Wednesday, basically recapping his week even though no one fucking asked? Well he came out with a new single a couple weeks ago with CHarry and we're into it. And don't worry, it's not a day by day recount of what he's been doing since he released '7 Days' eleven years ago.

Roscoe Dash – Good Fucking Night (dubstep remix): I MEANNNN….I meannnn… JUST DOWNLOAD. TRUST US. This shit is SPEED, all it's missing is Keanu Reeves and a flying bus.

Avicii vs. Lenny Kravitz – Superlove: 1. Smoke a blunt 2. Listen to the entire song 3. Repeat.

Katy Perry – Wide Awake (Kaskade mix): Katy…Kaskade…you'd think the Kardashians were involved in this mix. But fear not, no monotoned Armenians were harmed in the making.

Crookers – Massive (TJR, Anthony Wolf remix): The Crookers are Italian. This song has no words. Your school has no gymnastics team. This is a last resort! No seriously though, this shit has such an interesting mix of sound effects I don't think I've ever enjoyed listening to a song with no words so much while sober.

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