Betches Love This Movie: Sleeping With Other People Is the Best Movie You’ll See This Year

We’re calling it now. Sleeping With Other People is the best GD movie you’ll see this year. Just trust us, okay? It’s the sleeper hit that slipped through Sundance and into your local theaters. It’s a self-aware rom com that is more like a documentary of a betch’s life than a comedy, tbh. Here’s why.

Alison Brie’s character, named Lainey (we see you, She’s All That), loses her virginity to Jake (Jason Sudeikis) in a college dorm. Note that he also loses his to her. She ghosts on him, leaving him messed up about sex because she was so good that he has never been able to stay committed to anyone since.  Flash forward and they meet at a Sex Addicts meeting, featuring our favorite Billy Eichner with a little cameo rant about butts. Well played.

She is more than just disinterested in Jake when they remeet, she’s exchanging “You up” texts with her SAB, Matt Sobvechik, played by Adam Scott of Parks and Rec.  Adam is a little fuckboy and has been fucking with Lainey’s mind (and vagina) ever since they were in college together.  He’s engaged to be married but wants to have his cake and eat it too.  Literally speaking, that is, because he’s the only one that has ever made her come apparently.  We know the plight, Lainey. The sex is too good to protect your heart.

Jake falls for Lainey right away, but TBH he’s always been in love with her. She’s the one that got away for him, and he’s just below a backburner bro for her.  Upon Jake’s request, Lainey takes not sleeping with bros to another level. They decide to friend zone each other to save their little hearts, and in doing so Jake falls more in love with her. We told you this shit works.

Despite Lainey’s never masturbating successfully, she’s still a total betch for the following reasons. She dresses like a slut but doesn’t fuck bros. In fact, she’s only in Sex Addicts Anonymous because she can’t stop sleeping with her SAB/fuckboy, but in reality she hardly gives it up at all. She’s also obsessed with lingerie and has an endearing panic attack when she sees Matt going for a run and tries to chase him down.

The film is a modern re-telling of a traditional love story and accurately represents what it’s like to date in a world where not giving a fuck seems to be the currency.  The inclusion of text dynamic and social media is not overblown, which so many other movies seem to never get right. Instead, the director keeps it real. And that’s what this movie is – it’s the friend that keeps shit real.  At one point, Jake buys Lainey a shot and she pours it out while everyone else does it – a small but relatable detail that lets a betch know this movie gets it.

There’s a heartbreaking scene when Lainey sees her SAB with his new wife at a party and she is fucking pregnant. And to anyone that’s ever run into an ex at a party with his girlfriend/wife, even if it was just a mixer, you know that shit is enough for weeks of therapy and Xanax.  And he still tries to fuck her. Get over yourself.  

The only one hang-up we have with this is her not knowing how to masturbate. We’re pretty sure this was only added so that Jake could gratuitously demonstrate on a juice bottle, so we forgive the writers for this very unreal detail. Otherwise, betchy cheers to the makers of this film. It’s the movie we wanted Trainwreck to be.


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