The RAZR Is Coming Back, So You Can Be The Coolest Kid In Middle School

Get ready to throwback to the glory days of middle school: the RAZR flip phone is getting re-released in June. ICYMI and didn’t have your life together at age 12, the Motorola RAZR in the late 2000s was the equivalent of contouring in 2016. It wasn’t just the best accessory or a status symbol, it was a lifestyle. There was nothing more dramatic than texting your crush or snapping your RAZR closed after a fight with your mom.

The rumor is that Motorola is going to rerelease the RAZR through a partnership with Android on June 9th. I’m assuming that means it will have smartphone capabilities—fingers crossed Snapchat, Instagram and Uber are included. But would the irony of a RAZR be worth giving up your iPhone?? Like, having to press each button three times to text a one-word reply and giving up the iPhone 6 front-facing camera would be awful, but are they enough to be deal breakers? Make sure to do some soul searching before June 9th.


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