The Perfect Mother’s Day Gifts for The Betch That Made You

Betchy Moms are a part of who we are. Literally, where would you be if not for the woman who brought you into this world and then respectively hired someone else to raise you so she could have drunk brunch with her friends and go to the gym so your dad wouldn’t cheat with the nanny? Just kidding. Sort of. Anyway, the one day a year that’s ACTUALLY about her is coming up, and you’d be deemed an ungrateful brat if you didn’t get her something. Besides, on every gift-giving holiday, you wouldn’t want to see how passive aggressive she can really get. It’s time to celebrate the woman who danced in the aisle at your Christmas concert and taught you that talking shit with your besties is how you’ll get through all the annoying crap that life will throw your way.

For The Athletic Mom


Our moms are hot (it’s where we get it from *hair flip*) so it’s only fitting that we get them something to keep them from losing their figure. We picked Powerbeats 2 wireless headphones by Beats by Dre, a Fitbit Alta, and ofc our “You Can’t Spin With Us” tank. Your mom might not get the joke, but you can always borrow it from her—win-win. It’s called positive reinforcement, and they’ll thank us for it later.

For The Overworked Mom

Let’s face it, as moms and the key holders of all the answers (don’t even try to pretend you don’t call your mom every time you have a question about anything real), their lives are stressful AF. Give your mom a Rewined candle; orange blossom, lilac, and jasmine bubble bath by Antica Farmacista; and a fresh cocoa body exfoliant to remind her she’s loved and that she deserves some relaxation, too. At least today she does. Jury’s out on every other day.


For Every Mom

A card is a necessity and luckily Shop Betches has the best cards around. Did you and your mom bond over a show or movie? We’ve got you covered. Tell your mom you love her in a way that’s familiar to you: by making a joke about it.



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