The Only Mother’s Day Gift Guide You’ll Ever Need

Mother's Day is fast approaching and since no one ever really buys things more than a week in advance (3 days tops) we thought we might help you out. Whether your mom's super down to earth and lights candles like she could at any minute reenact the scene from Ghost with your dad, ew, or she's Sonja from RHONY, there's always something you could get her. And if you're like, why would I get my mom a present, she's such a bitch and I would be using her money anyway. Exactly, it's her money and being the bigger person betch is manipulative and always advantageous. So scroll through our guide and pick out the best gift for your mom. After all she did at one point get like really fat for you. 

For the Tech Mom


For the Trendy Mom



For the Glam Mom


For the Zen Mom


For the Mom's Mom


For the Mom on Vaca


For the Mom Who Spends a Lot of Time in the Bathroom


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