Our Mother’s Day Cards Are Here!

Consider all the times people used to tell your mom, “she has your eyes, your chin, your mouth,” or when an ex would say, “you’re just like your mom.” So, when you really think about it, Mother’s Day is basically a celebration of YOU! And if you love yourself, shouldn’t you love the woman who made you who you are today? Get a card for whatever kind of mom you have: the cool mom, the mom who could turn you into a millionaire off of a sex tape, or the mom who you talk shit about the rest of these bitches with.  We’ve created the perfect cards for the perfect occasion. You can shop our entire assortment of Mother’s Day cards at shopbetches.com

The Cool Mom Card

The perfect card to give the mom who would rather you drink inside the house. 

Gilmore Girl’s Mother’s Day Card

The card for the best mom in the universe and Stars Hollow. 

Momager Mother’s Day Card

For the mom who will hold your clothes while you pose for Playboy.


Talk Sh*t Mother’s Day Card

No one but your mom will hate Becky as much you do. 


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